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How To Choose The Best Sublimation Ink?

Epson 522 ink

Best Sublimation Ink

One kind of printer ink produced by the business Epson is the Epson 522 ink. It is intended for usage with particular Epson printer models. The goal of this ink is to produce prints of superior quality. It functions with images or documents. It’s likely that the number “522” refers to the particular cartridge model.


Certain Epson printer models are compatible with the Epson 522 ink cartridge. Prove that it is well-matched with your printer.

Ink Type

Both pigment and dye can be used in the formulation of the ink. It may have an impact on print longevity and quality.


The Epson 522 ink cartridge is probably available in a variety of colors. It contains black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink if the cartridge is color.

Page Yield

The approximate amount of pages a cartridge can print is indicated by the page yield. Page yield ratings could vary amongst cartridges.

Print Performance

Epson 522 ink cartridges provide excellent print quality. They have vibrant colors and crisp lettering. This is used to print files and pictures using devices such as the Epson 502 series.

Price and Cost

Ink NameEpson 502 ink 4-packBlack inkYellow ink
Price$ 55.94$ 13.99$ 13.99 each


Is Epson Ink Is Best For Sublimation?

Indeed! The best ink for sublimation is Epson 522. This ink is compatible with Epson printers. This ink has a very smooth operation.


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