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What Is The Difference Between Epson 2800 VS 2803

The entry-level Epson 2800 vs 2803 printers have a set of features. It includes everything. The prices of the two printers are different. Both versions have the same features, size, and printing experience. No notable exceptions to the mentioned price exist in either. But, we’ll compare the Epson 2800 and 2803 today. We’ll share all the specs and let you know if there’s a small difference. The good news is that sublimation can be done with both of them.

Main Difference Between Epson ET-2800 vs ET-2803

Epson 2800 vs 2803

The Epson ET-2800 and ET-2803 are identical. The only difference is the price listed on various websites. The ET-2803 appears to have only one extra feature, auto-duplex printing. Separately from that, they are similar in size. They have the same paper handling, resolution, and printing size. They also support CMYK and all other features. These features distinguish one product from another.

Epson Printer 2800 And Epson Printer 2803 Space

SpaceEpson Printer 2800Epson Printer 2803
Ink Tank Number44
Printing Design5760 x 1440 dpi5760 x 1440 dpi
Borderless PrintingYesYes
Borderless Print Size4″ x 6″4″ x 6″
Maximum Print Size  8.5″ x 14″8.5″ x 14″
Special Media SupportYesYes

What’s In The Box

Both models are the same. They have the same accessories as the other printers when they are first delivered. Also, if you usually use the ink bottles that come with both kits for sublimation, they are not sublimation inks.

·         The printer herself

·         Manual directions

·         A control cord

The First Sight

Both printers appeared to be the same at first glance. I had placed two orders for the same item by mistake. But I came to notice that their appearances and body weights are rather comparable. Their bodies were also made of cheap plastic. It felt like I was getting plastic boxes with paper mechanics. They had a copier, a scanner, and a printer for less than $250. Also, I saw that a clever plastic body houses an LCD that looks like a stamp. It also contains an ink distribution mechanism via printhead.

Setup & Ink Refilling

The Epson ET-2800 and 2803 setup was very simple. It was as simple as opening the package, turning on the printer, quickly and effortlessly adding ink, installing the necessary drivers, and then… congrats! You arrived at the company. You can refill the ink tanks before they run out. Look at the visible ink level indicator at the front of the ink tanks after filling them.

Paper Handling (Number Of Trays & Capacity)

Given the low cost, it does make logical that they only have a 100-sheet capacity for a subpar process. Even so, the input tray can hold 20 pictures, and the output tray can hold 30 sheets. With the adjustable paper trays, you may print documents up to 8.5 x 14 inches. You can print pages measuring 8.5 by 47 inches. extend the paper tray to print longer documents.

Media Types Support

These models are reliable. They print special media like envelopes and glossy photos. They won’t let you down if you want to design envelopes for Christmas or birthdays. They are cheaper. But, they don’t offer as much media versatility as heavy-duty or photo printers. Still, they’re a smart option to get into the printing industry.

Print Quality

Epson 2800 vs 2803

You might be dissatisfied with the printers. They are not realistic for photos or commercial quality. These printers only use four colors, instead of the six in high-end printers. So, we cannot expect them to make high-quality photos. But, this makes sense given their low cost. Thus, the print quality isn’t ideal for business. But, it’s good enough for sublimation as a side project at home.

Borderless Printing

If you’re thinking of sublimating tumblers or mugs, your printer can be your best friend. It can handle tiny, borderless prints with placed ink and color dots. When printing images, you can produce borderless prints. But, they may not be the largest size.


As has already been mentioned, the print quality is subpar. We were besides able to print at a resolution of 5760 x 1440 thanks to the printers. Besides being good for printing, the copy resolution is also respectable.

Page Yield

Built-in ink tanks are used. They make the page yield higher than with standard inkjet cartridge printers. The cartridges don’t need to be changed every time; refill them to be ready to go. As mentioned before, both printers are similar. They offer the same cent page yields for color and monochrome prints. The size of the document or image you wish to print is one of the main elements that determine page yield. Depending on your design and paper size, you may have a lower or larger page yield.

Print Speed

The black-and-white printing speed is decent. It’s not as fast as the business-grade printers. But, the color printing speed is not great. We only got 5 ppm. Despite printing one page in color every 40 seconds, the tested image was huge and had a lot of color. Thus, we won’t recommend printing a large number of images or using office work. Despite this, they work well enough for printing simple chores.


The Epson ET-2800 and ET-2803 are for flexible printing. They offer many connectivity choices. These printers connect to your computer or mobile device by Wi-Fi and Hi-Speed USB. So, you can start printing and configuring them right away.

The Epson ET-2800 and Epson ET-2803 work with many operating systems. These include Windows, Apple, Apple apps, Epson’s print app, and Alexa voice printing.

Two Sided Printing

ET-2803 can print two-sided printing whereas ET-2800 cannot. Also, you won’t catch the duplex scan or copy too. Duplex printing, duplex perusing, and lifting can be ignored if we keep an eye on the pricing of the crops.


But, these printers don’t have an auto document feeder. So, you can’t scan many documents. But, they have a flatbed scanner with a terrific resolution. It lets you scan and copy the documents.

Which One Is Best

As both printers are same besides a slight difference of price. So equally are the best if they are right for specific basic printing wants. Yet, they are not up to the mark for printing professional photos. But they are best when it comes to good the bucks either the early buying or the economical ink sets and price per page.

Converting Them For Sublimation

Both basic ET printers don’t come with cartridges. They use piezo heat-free printheads. So, they are alike bits of a cake for sublimation. If you want to use them for sublimation, then get the matching ink. We always use Hiipoo sublimation ink. It is best for Epson ET printers. Fill the tanks with the sublimation ink. Then, start sublimating your desired blanks.


  1. What is the difference between EcoTank 2800 and 2803?

     There’s no difference: the “2803” is more like a seller’s code for the printer to be sold at certain retailers. Both the 2800 and 2803 boast the same price, print quality and design.

  2. Can Epson 2800 print double sided?

    The Epson ET-2800 doesn’t have double side print choice, it save you in ink but not in paper, doing it manually is a waist of time and patient, I cannot find the option of printing uneven pages neither, I regret buying this model because I cannot babysit the printer in order to save in paper and avoid the amount of

Final Takeaways

The Epson ET-2800 and Epson ET-2803 are both affordable all-in-one printers. They are for basic printing. Now it’s up to you whether you lack ET-2800 or 2803. They are both twins. They can be used for sublimation, heat transfer, and traditional printing. Are you looking for a basic home printer or a cheaper option? The Epson ET-2800 and Epson ET-2803 are both excessive ranges. They offer affordability, convenience, and sustainability.


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