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How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Tumbler, Mug, Shirt

How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Tumbler

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Your printer may be bleeding during the sublimation process. Or, you may have performed the sublimation printing. Are you concerned about your ability to erase the t-shirt’s sublimation ink? I still recall my first sublimation attempt.
I was trying to sublimate my husband’s t-shirt, but it went wrong during the heat transfer process. It was thus necessary to remove the sublimation. I did it using a few techniques. I’ll explain my process in today’s post.
It shows how to remove sublimation ink from a shirt. Denatured alcohol proved to be the most effective approach for me. White vinegar is the most effective technique for removing sublimation ink from mugs. It is better than other well-known techniques.

How To Remove Sublimation Ink From T-Shirt Or Polyester

  • Also, the sublimation ink is water-resistant and cannot be removed. The following processes may irritate you due to their strictness. There are several methods available for removing the sublimation ink. The techniques that focused on producing the intended outcomes were cloth-denatured alcohol application and bleaching.
  • Using denatured alcohol (Effective Way)
  • Bleaching
  • Using cold water
  • Applying heat
  • Using soda water chemical solution
  • Using a pressure washer machine

So let’s begin with the process

1. Using Denatured Alcohol Process

The best way to completely remove sublimation ink is to use this technique. I carried this out, and the results were amazing. If you misprint or transfer sublimation ink, you can completely erase it with denatured alcohol.

Use a cotton bowl dipped in denatured alcohol to tap the sublimated area of the picture or spot to make it fade. Replace the cotton ball after it is full of sublimation ink, and keep tapping until all the ink is gone. After moistening the area with alcohol, allow it to air dry.

After that, give the clothes a wash in warm water using sudsy soap. If the ink is still visible, apply salt to the affected region. Let the milk seep into the t-shirt area overnight. This is recommended. As soon as possible, rinse the shirt to avoid removing the sublimation ink.

Will Bleach Remove Sublimation Ink From Polyester?

Yes, bleaching a t-shirt is the best way to remove sublimation ink. There are two possibilities. First, you may have transferred the pattern. Second, there might be a stain on the shirt. This could be because the bleaching solution removes all color and ink.

When you immerse the entire shirt in it. Attach butcher paper to the T-shirt using heat-resistant tape. Make a rectangular shape along the sides of the pattern. Apply heat transfer tape on the butcher paper.

To remove all traces of ink, use the bleach spray. You can leave after cleaning and drying the bleached area with a hair dryer.

Print the rectangle design on the affected area of the t-shirt. The entire procedure was covered above. you do not need to spray the precise area of the t-shirt if the afflicted fabric is white polyester.

Yet, you can place the entire t-shirt in the bathtub and begin bleaching it by letting it soak in bleach for half an hour. Don’t let the clothing sit in chlorine bleach for longer than two minutes.

If not, the clothing can get harmed. After that, wash the shirt and rinse the bleach to get rid of all the bleach and sublimation ink.

2. Using Cold Water To Remove Sublimation Ink

I printed the shirt from the large format t-shirt sublimation printer. I attempted this procedure, but it bled. If you have completely transferred the picture onto the t-shirt, this procedure cannot be used.

Pour cold water into a bucket and place the incorrect sublimated shirt inside. To get the sublimation ink droplets to freeze, fill the bucket with some cold water. Sublimation ink will freeze more if you use cold water.

With the use of a spatula, you may remove the sublimation ink when it has frozen. Using a spatula, penetrate the ink within the cloth once it has frozen. The sublimation ink will be removable in sections, but the ink marks will remain.

3. By Relating Heat To Eliminate Sublimation Ink

This is an extra efficient method of using heat to melt sublimation ink. To dissolve the ink, a dryer will be needed. After placing the affected material in the dryer, heat it for a few minutes to melt the ink. Until the sublimation ink is completely melted, keep melting it. After it has melted, wash the towel.

4. Using Soda Water Chemical Solution At Home

Sublimation ink will leave marks on the t-shirt. This procedure is not perfect. Yet, you may still try it at home and succeed. A bucket will also be needed for this procedure. You will need to add 10% water and 90% soda.

Or, you might use a rough ratio of one part water to six parts soda. To ensure that the soda is blended, stir the solution.

After the shirt has been in the liquid for 30 minutes, whisk the mixture. After 30 minutes, see if the towel has become wet. If not, soak for 20 minutes more. In this manner, the ink will disappear but not.

5. Using A Pressure Washer Machine

Pressure washing is another useful tool. Yet, its efficacy in getting rid of the ink isn’t guaranteed. You may also use a pressure washer to remove regular ink from wood or walls. Sublimation ink becomes a part of the fabric, so this method won’t be 100% effective.
You will need to add some regular water to the pressure water before using a power washer to remove it. To achieve the best results, give the t-shirt a full wash.

How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Mugs

  • It’s time to remove the sublimation ink from your cup if you’re sick of staring at your old sublimated mug. Or, if you don’t like the sublimated image on it. You shouldn’t be able to discard the old sublimation mug,
  • but there are a few ways to update your printed mug. But, using white vinegar to get rid of the sublimation ink was the most focused approach. Among those are:
How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Tumbler

Do not use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to remove sublimation ink from mugs. Also, don’t use a toaster oven or dishwasher for this purpose. Using White Vinegar, although effective, also takes a lot of effort.

You won’t get flawless results, and the picture won’t go away. You can still use the procedure described below to move forward with the results, though. The polymer coat absorbs the sublimation ink.

The only long-term way to remove it from hard substrates is to remove the sublimation coat. But taking off the coat is a lot of work and could harm the substrates. Thus, I’m not taking off the coat—I’m only guiding.

1. Sublimation Ink Removal Using Nail Polish Remover

An acetone-containing nail polish remover works great for erasing sublimation ink. Use a fresh cloth and cover it with nail polish remover. Make sure the cloth is completely saturated by wetting it. Until the ink disappears, rub the moist cloth over the sublimated picture.
Make sure you double-check the nail polish remover. It needs to contain acetone. Acetone has components for paint removal that react with ink to erase it. But, sublimation ink cannot be eliminated by this method. This technique can also be used to get sublimation ink off of wood substrates.

2. The Dishwasher And Toaster Oven

The image on the mug will only be obscured by this method; it cannot be eliminated. You can thus also give this approach a try. Place the sublimation cup on the dishwasher’s lower rack. To melt the ink for sublimation,
set the temperature high. To get rid of the image, repeat the procedure many times. There will still be some ink specks on your mug.
Compared to using a dishwasher, the toaster oven method is more efficient and quicker. Place the sublimated cup in a toaster oven set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Melt the sublimation ink. To avoid burning your hands, it’s crucial to remove the mug from the oven. Wear heat-resistant gloves.

3. Using White Vinegar

The most popular and effective way to remove 99% of the sublimation ink from the cup is to use white vinegar. pour white vinegar into a dish. Pour enough vinegar so that the printed side of the mug is submerged.
The cup needs to be submerged for a smallest of sixty minutes. The less effort you put into cleaning, the longer you’ll let the cup dip. Use a sponge to begin cleaning the print after 60 minutes. You’ll notice that the ink will start to fade. Rub until all traces of ink are removed.
How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Stainless Steel Tumbler
Once more, the stainless steel tumbler won’t be clean, but you can still attempt to get the ink off. For one hour, bake the sublimated tumbler at 390F in the convection oven. The sublimation ink on the tumbler might become less noticeable as a result.
But, it won’t ever disappear. Yet, after a few washes, a light picture can be eliminated, and a dark color image can then be sublimated over it. It will make a more impactful impression than the drab original picture.
Remove the polymer coat and the ink will be washed out along with it if you decide not to sublimate it again. How To Remove Sublimation Ink from Metal

Removing the ink from metal and aluminum can be utilized in 2 different ways.

  • With white vinegar and apple cider vinegar
  • Using bleach
  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar And White Vinegar

This method works best with white vinegar. We tested it and found that the ink was removed 99% of the time. Yet, it is not recommended to remove sublimation ink with apple cider vinegar.

Take a bowl and add enough vinegar to make it easy to dip a tumbler in. Leave it in the vinegar for 45 minutes. Then, start scrubbing the ink off with a simple scrub and watch the ink disappear. Repeat the process until the ink is removed 99% of the time.

2. Using Bleach

Furthermore, bleach is an effective way to remove ink. The easiest method is to use white vinegar, although this one can also be tried. The procedure is the same: to fit the tumbler inside it, fill a dish with white bleach.
After 45 minutes, let it sit, and then use a scrubber to clean the sublimation ink. Continue doing this until all the ink is gone.
The procedure must be repeated three to four times. We also saw that the ink disappeared the second time when we used white vinegar. Thus, employing white vinegar is the most effective and quick way to get the ink out of the tumbler.

Will Acetone Remove Sublimation Ink

Pure acetone can remove sublimation ink. Yet, it is not advised to use it on any form of substrate. Acetone may harm the substrate due to its chemical activity. Moreover, nail paint removers have some acetone in them.

You can use nail polish to get rid of the sublimation ink from hard substrates like tumblers, mugs, and glass.


Does sublimation fade after washing?

The printing on the sublimated t-shirt won’t fade if it is washed. Check out the causes of my sublimation print’s fading after washing here. The print will, yet, fade if the sublimated garment is washed in hot water or left out in the sun. Furthermore,

if you wash sublimation ink with regular water, it won’t fade or peel. Because sublimation ink is absorbed by the fabric. But, sublimation will be lost if you wash them in bleach.

What removes sublimation ink?

It is a tried and true method to use vinegar to remove sublimation ink from mugs. 2. Use the dishwasher method. Put your coffee mug on the top rack and run it through many cycles at a high temperature. This will get rid of any designs.

Will acetone remove sublimation ink from the tumbler?

You may now be wondering if acetone can get rid of Tumbler’s sublimation ink. Yes, that is the response! dab the ink stains on your tumbler with a cotton ball dipped in a tiny bit of nail paint remover.

Use caution when using too much acetone since it can harm some tumbler materials.

Do you remove sublimation hot or cold?

Before removing the transfer and tape, try to let the object cool a little. For all goods, 400° F is the suggested temperature.

Can you bake off sublimation ink?

We wanted to see if there was a method to repair or use the tumblers that we messed up. We made our first few tumbler sublimation blunders.

, it does. In this tutorial, we prove the “bake off” technique. It requires applying high heat (400 degrees) to remove the previous sublimation pattern.

Is sublimation permanent?

Yes, the prints are permanent since the sublimation ink diffuses into the fabric and becomes a part of it. Yet, sublimated ink converts to heat instead of leaving a layer on top of the fabric. Thus, it requires careful printing and transfer, and it fades less.


We have now covered the many substrates where sublimation ink can be removed. These include glass, metal, wood, tumblers, mugs, and ceramics. We also covered the complete process for removing sublimation ink from t-shirts. Find the top 13×19 sublimation printers at a reasonable price.

Sublimation ink cannot be removed from hard substrates, such as mugs or tumblers. This is particularly true if the substrate is coated with polyester or polymer. The ink gets integrated into the polyester. So, to remove the sublimation ink, you must remove the polyester covering.


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