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Top Sublimation Printer for You

Top Sublimation Printer for You


Congratulations! You’ve decided to dive headfirst into the fascinating realm of full-color customization. You have a new Sublimation printer. Are you considering models like the Epson Sure Color F570 or the Sawgrass SG1000 Finding the ideal printer for your needs can be a little stressful, but it’s a terrific way to launch or expand any business.

Sublimation printer

There are two main factors to consider when setting out to buy a sublimation printer:

  • What do you want to make
  • What amount of space do you have available

The printer you select can be greatly influenced by the things you wish to customize. If you want to make smaller items like keychains and drinkware, a desktop version might be the right choice for you. But, you might want to consider a printer with a larger transfer output if you’re seeking to make larger, home décor-style signs, t-shirts, and other clothing.


If you’re new to sublimation or have limited space for your equipment, desktop sublimation printers can get you personalizing items in no time. Customizing tiny to medium-sized products is a perfect use for desktop sublimation printers. They can create transfers for shirts up to size XL. They also offer a wide range of drinkware, including mugs and tumblers.

Sawgrass is a company that specializes in manufacturing printers built for sublimation. It offers two great desktop printers: the Sawgrass SG500 and the Sawgrass SG1000. Each will fit on a desk or counter, making them ideal for home craft rooms and shops where space is an issue. The SG500 prints transfers up to 8.5″ by 14″ and is sized similarly to a conventional desktop printer. It’s a great option for someone getting started with personalization. It’s also good for a shop looking to add a second printer for smaller items.

The SG1000 offers more versatility in a larger footprint. It still fits on most desks and workspaces. Cut sheets up to 11″ x 17″ can be printed on with this printer. This gives customers the flexibility to transfer onto larger items. They can transfer onto signage and shirts up to size XL. Customers may print more copies of the same design on a single page because of the bigger print size. This makes it perfect for customizing many smaller items, like keychains or magnets.

SG500 and SG1000 prints with CMYK inks that are unique to Sawgrass. They also offer an optional bypass tray to print on media up to 51” long.

SG500 and SG1000 Small Format Sublimation Printers


If you want to customize items or make larger transfers for sports jerseys or signs, consider the advanced Epson F570 Pro. It’s ideal for growing your sublimation business. It’s also important to note that the Epson SureColor F570 offers excellent value in its features. Compared to desktop competitors, the footprint of this printer is larger. Yet, it offers more versatility because it can make larger prints. It also comes with roll-fed sheet stock as standard equipment. It also features Epson’s mess-free refillable inks. This eliminates the need for throwing away empty ink cartridges. On bigger work tables or worktops, this printer will still fit. An optional stand is offered to help you organize your workstation.

The F570 is a capable printer. It offers customers the ability to print on cut sheets as well as roll-fed media up to 24” wide. Additionally, the printer features an integrated cutter that can cut roll-fed paper to the required length. This reduces significant amounts of wasted paper and optimizes the use of paper. The printer will print the sheet and cut it to length if you just need to print three 6″ round transfers.

Epson SureColor F570 and Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ628 Large Format Sublimation Printers.

Along with the larger print sizes, the F570 also offers an outstanding print resolution of 2,400 x 1,200 dpi. This means that even larger transfers will look sharp and crisp. They will have outstanding color reproduction.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ628 is another mid-size format printer that Sawgrass provides. This printer is great for vibrant color printing up to 25” wide. It’s perfect for photography, fine art, and signs. It produces neutral grays and deep, rich blacks. Like most large format printers, the paper is roll-fed, and the VJ268 can accommodate rolls up to 250’ long.

Both CMYK and eight-color ink combinations are available for the VJ628 printer. It gives you crisp images and true color reproduction up to 1,400 x 1,400 dpi. You can sell an optional stand for the VJ628. Its smaller footprint may fit on a work table or large countertop.


Sublimation is a versatile way to personalize items. It offers unique customization options. For example, users can create full-bleed (edge-to-edge) prints. For unique “print to sew” sports shirts, full-bleed prints work wonderfully. They’re also good for full-image blankets and throws. They’re also good for large-format signs and banners. If you want to create those items for your customers, consider a large-format printer. It can handle that workload.

Large format printers create larger transfers than small to mid-sized printers. They also print faster and offer a wider color range. Filling in a big format printer can increase productivity. This is especially true when producing large-volume orders. For example, several dozen mugs at once.

If you’re doing true larger format sublimation, the Epson SureColor F6370 offers a key print size. It can print up to 44” wide. It also has print speeds of up to 680 square feet per hour. This printer is great for sublimating large signs and graphics. The optional take-up reel makes managing those prints a breeze. You should not use the F6370 on a counter or tabletop because it comes with a stand.

Both printers have an optional “catch basket.” It can attach to their respective stands. This allows you to do other things while the printer creates your transfers and keeps them off the floor.


When choosing a sublimation printer, be sure to factor in the other equipment you’ll need, such as a heat press. For durability and portability, consider the efficient GeoKnight DK20 Swing Away Heat Press. A press that can hold the items you wish to personalize is what you’ll need. If your criteria for choosing a large format printer include print speed and the ability to handle many small- to mid-sized prints, then standard-sized heat presses are a good fit. You will need a large press for the transfer. It produces full-coverage printed clothing and enormous images.

Epson SureColor F6370 Large Format Sublimation Printer

Consider a separate convection oven and mug press. They could save space in your home office or place of business. This is especially helpful if you’re considering drinkware. Both of those items are “and can get you started personalizing items right away. As your company expands, you can always add a traditional press.

Whether you’re in a home office or a larger production workshop, consider where you’ll put the printer. Also, think about how easy it is to access. Modern sublimation printers have made significant maintenance advancements. But if necessary, you will still need access to the back of your printer.

A sublimation printer will work for you regardless of your skill level or office setting. It also works if you prefer a dedicated sublimation machine. It also works if you prefer a multipurpose printer. It’s also great if you want to explore full-color customization. Our team of professionals is here to assist you in selecting the ideal model. They’ll help you get your printer set up and installed at no more cost.

Johnson Plastics Plus has everything you need to start your sublimation business. This includes replacement inks for all the printers we sell. It also includes sublimation paper and thousands of blanks. We have tested all blanks to ensure they work with sublimation.

We’re committed to helping you make the best decision possible for your business. If you’re looking for more information, check out our blog for articles on sublimation. Visit our library of webinars. They feature hands-on demonstrations with our product and equipment experts. Also, explore our YouTube channel for how-to and informational videos.


The vast world of sublimation can sometimes feel overwhelming. Gathering all the equipment and tools you need to get started can be hard. Johnson Plastics Plus has therefore carefully selected bundles for sublimation printers. They offer services for both novices and experts.

You may prefer the compact Sawgrass SG500 or Sawgrass SG1000. Or, if you need a broader range of applications, you may like the versatile Epson SureColor F570. You may get everything in one location with our bundles. These bundles have a variety of options. Designers created them to jumpstart your sublimation journey.

These packages spare you the trouble of conducting separate product research. They also come at a fantastic value. They offer significant savings compared to buying each item. See our heat transfer bundles if you’re not sure where to start or how to improve your existing setup. Choose the ideal option for your sublimation requirements.

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