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Sublimation Mugs vs Regular Mugs Difference between Them

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Regular Mugs vs Sublimation Mugs Difference between Them

Most novices are fixated on the challenging sublimation process. As a result, they don’t know the difference between Sublimation Mugs vs Regular Mugs. Fans of starters aren’t even sure if they can sublimate different types of mugs. I will thus explain to you today what a sublimation mug is and whether you can sublimate a standard mug.
Sublimation Mugs vs Regular Mugs

Difference between Sublimation Mugs and Regular Mugs

Regular mugs lack the poly-coating that sublimation mugs have. This is the primary distinction between the two types of mugs. To hold the sublimation ink, polymer is coated on sublimation mugs. During sublimation, the ink becomes a part of the mug. The poly-coating aids its retention. When you sip from your custom-made cup, sublimated mugs look stylish and immaculate.

Sublimation Blanks Coating

The factory owners use a poly-coated spray to prepare the substrate. They use it to make ceramic mugs through sublimation. When heated during sublimation, the pores on the poly-coated surface open. In this manner, the sublimation ink fuses with the cup and sticks to it. You can personalize these mugs with your photos. Then, you can give them as gifts to your friends for important occasions.

They make excellent presents for anyone that has their picture printed on them. Additionally, you must set a limit for yourself. You are not allowed to sublimate dark or black mugs or drinkware.

Can You Sublimate On Regular Mugs

Ordinary mugs are not poly-coated. A ceramic coating is applied to them. This prevents the sublimation ink from sticking. The sublimation ink will not be kept if you sublimate a standard mug. Instead, it will fade or become dull after washing. They are not the best option because they are made in “Fine China.” Fine china mugs cannot withstand high heat. Sublimation, which uses heat transfer, is different.
Apart from that, you can use a coat to spray on the mugs, like we do with tiles, if you want to sublimate normal cups.


Which Kind of Mugs Are Necessary for Sublimation?


To perform the sublimation, you must use mugs coated with polymer. Since the mugs are factory-coated, coating them yourself is not advised. Even though sprays with poly-coated sublimation are available. But, this could ruin the entire procedure. Additionally, make sure the glasses and mugs you choose are the correct size. Our renowned Cricut Mug Press can only accommodate large-size 4.72-inch cups.

Can you Sublimate On Walmart Mugs?

Only Walmart mugs with a polymer coating can be sublimated. Walmart sells drinkware blanks, including those for sublimation mugs. But, we don’t like to sell standard mugs from Walmart for sublimation. Moreover, pay attention to the production material. You can sublimate anything onto them if they are made of ceramic material.

Can You Sublimate On Porcelain Mugs

Indeed, compared to ceramic mugs, porcelain mugs are denser and more resilient. They can withstand the temperature needed for the sublimation heat transfer process. This is because they are made at high temperatures. But, take into consideration the polymer covering once again. They can be sublimated if they are covered in polymer.

Can You Use Infusible Ink On A Mug Without A Mug Press?

Indeed! If the irreversible ink is the proper kind, it can be kept on the mugs. But, it is limited to usage with mugs that are polymer- or Subli-coated. The Cricut infusible ink sheets can be sublimated by printing the appropriate design. But, in contrast to sublimation, you must weed the design. because we don’t need to weed the sublimation paper because it self-weeds.
Later, you can move the weeded part of the Cricut infusible sheet onto the mugs. But, there is no guarantee that the ink sheet will stay intact after washing. View the comprehensive instructions on sublimating a mug to learn more.

Which Items Are Necessary To Sublimate the Mugs?

1. You can use Epson sublimation printers to print photos the size of mugs. all of them have movable paper trays with varying sizes. Yet, using the special mug sublimation printers is advised.

2. A bundle of sublimation paper: Epson sublimation printers work best with A-sub paper. To cut them without wasting any paper, measure the exact size of the paper and cut with a Xacto knife.

3. Printing onto sublimation paper requires the use of sublimation inks. For optimal results, use Hiipoo sublimation ink.

4. Using a Cricut cutter to cut printed designs

5. The Cricut Mug Press is a type of heat press equipment. It is used to transfer materials onto drinkware substrates. See Cricut vs Sublimation

6. Tape and gloves resistant to heat


You can now see the distinction between a sublimation mug and a standard mug. In case you’re still unclear, allow me to clarify in the end. Regular mugs cannot be sublimated, and to sublimate a blank mug, it must be covered with polymer. You can see how to remove sublimation ink from shirts, mugs, and tumblers. You may need this if you sublimated something.

Furthermore, you will not be able to sublimate colored mugs and drinkware. because sublimation’s vibrant colors cannot be seen in black. So, you are limited to printing on white ceramic coffee mugs.


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